Genealogy Journey - Genealogy Journey
Genealogy Journey
I got on a roll today and started with some more searching.  I decided this time to try to print out a direct descendants tree.  It came out in 6 pages, so here I am trying to tape all of that together and figure out a way to lay it out and still be able to add essential things to it as I added to the Family Tree Legends software. 

It worked pretty well, but I think the navigational tree would've been easier.  I just wish the navigational tree would put the dates on there.  I started concentrating on the direct line to see how much of the tree I could get filled in.  I got to an area with a lot of branches without a whole lot of leaves tonight!  I did find as far back as a Great(x13) Grandfather....but I don't have a name on him yet.  Just his birth year.  So I should probably say that I found back to Great(x12) Grandparents to be more realistic.

I did go back and print a few charts through the navigational chart.  I figure I can look up the dates for the ones that I see that I need right away to find the next blank unknown name.  Anything to keep from burying myself in the monster taped together paper chart!  I do wish they had the option of a print-to-page option on the charts....but I keep reminding myself...the software was free!

A future project is definitely figuring out a way to make a huge chart that I can add to as I go along.  Who Do You Think You Are made that so easy for Ashley Judd tonight too (even though it was only a small part of her tree.)
I'm still looking through my father's side of the family.  I wasn't intending on doing any today but I got sucked in.  I've found that a Great(x4) Grandfather was a long-time member of the House of Representatives and another relative was a US Senator for Tennessee (how ironic?).   I was at least able to return to Find-A-Grave to find some of them. 

I still have a LOT of blanks on the way up.  I'm trying to work around this software to find out the minimal waste of paper and ink while still making it easier on myself to navigate through.  I got further back today than I ever have getting into the early 1600's.  I'll post more details when I'm able to figure out exactly what I've got.  Today has been really encouraging to keep going though. 

At least maybe it won't be as hard for me to start drudging through the census reports again!  The tediousness of it at least gives cause for excitement when I actually find a match!
Off and on, I'd looked at records for my father's side of the family.  I kept hitting brick walls in the very early searches in looking through census records.  I finally had a breakthrough last night simply by googling!  I was able to go directly back as far as my Great x3 Grandparents (born in  1814 & 1819).

With this latest find, it looks like I could be distantly-related to one of my best friends from high school.  Possibly.  It's a common name though.  I also found the surname of another friend that's not as common but it appeared to be questionable.  Definitely intriged to do some more digging to find out!

I started trying to put everything that I was finding down on paper.  I really didn't want to sit here and print the amount that I was finding knowing it was going to take a TON of paper and ink.  But then I found that I was getting myself confused with my notes when you get into children of this one and that one. 

I finally decided to split the screen and open up the Family Legends software and put them directly in there as I clicked on the next finding.  I put a lot of information in there last night.  Luckily, the software has a "relationship" button and I was able to find out who some of these people are to me without a lot of brain power.  Goes back to that "...for Dummies" thing!  Maybe they need to have a series ".....for Blondes!"

I suddenly looked up last night from what I was doing and realized that it was 3am!   I still had a lot of links open though.  I ended up saving all of them to a desktop sticky note and then realized that it wouldn't have saved the "back" feature when I did that.  So I may have to do some redigging...but this time I will have the software open instead of trying the paper and pen route unless it's to make notes about what to look up later at the library.

I guess I learned to never underestimate the power of google!  Well, google or organization!  I'm finding that organization is key and trying to tame myself into not jumping around from relative-to-relative in searches unless I have to.  Sometimes it's unavoidable, but I'm trying to be better about it.
I love!  Every now and then I look for whatever software I might be in the market for before going out and trying to purchase it.  I downloaded a few the other night and then started working with Family Tree Legends.  It's not been bad to work with so far.  As with everything, I'm sure there's a little of a learning curve.  I also haven't found any significant restrictions considering it's a free software!  Make sure to get the "key" off the download page for your set-up, if you decide to download it yourself.

The best thing about download is that when other people have tried it and found failures with it, they tell you on the site before you mess with it or mess up your computer!