Genealogy Journey
I just found that Who Do You Think You Are?, the television show, has a book available on Amazon!  They also have a good selection of other books covering the subject....and yes even the "Idiots" and "Dummies" series.  I think they have books on that series for everything now!  I'm expecting the "Idiots Guide To Being An Idiot" soon!!!  Anyway, below is a direct link to the list of books on Genealogy.  I will place a permanent link over to the right as well for when this post gets bumped!

One of my favorite new shows...well if you count 2nd season as Who Do You Think You Are? on NBC.  Last season, they had a really good episode with Matthew Broderick.  Had an interesting outcome, but they don't have it in the full episodes available online. 

They've also put some "extras" online with a Lisa Kudrow Q&A as well as some deleted scenes from a few episodes.  My guess is that they will only keep those on for a short time as they only have scenes from four of the most recently aired episodes (as of this posting).

You can watch all of Season 2 here.  Episodes air each Friday 8pm ET/7pm CT on NBC.