Genealogy Journey
I've hit a good stride this week in finding information.  So fast that I haven't really been able to coordinate my thoughts enough to put them down here or even organize who all of these people are that I'm finding!  The oddest thing was finding that a paternal first cousin once removed married a Charles Newton Myers...well my Great-Grandmother was married to Charles Albert Myers.  It was so odd when I saw that name pop-up last night.  I'm pretty sure there was no relation other than my connecting the two.  It was odd none the less. 

I am still keeping the internet window open while utilizing the software.  Thus making it easier to pull up a "kinship report" telling me how I'm connected to each Tom, Dick & Hariett.  The next thing is going to be figuring out how to rid myself of duplications without screwing it up.  I've found that two sisters in the family married the same man - at different times of course...we're not talking Sister Wives...not yet anyway.  I'm just not sure how to connect the two without putting him in two times?  That's going to be something to figure out hopefully before the program reaches it's maximum number of entries!  I've heard that it has one but I haven't found out what it is yet.

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