Genealogy Journey
I got on a roll today and started with some more searching.  I decided this time to try to print out a direct descendants tree.  It came out in 6 pages, so here I am trying to tape all of that together and figure out a way to lay it out and still be able to add essential things to it as I added to the Family Tree Legends software. 

It worked pretty well, but I think the navigational tree would've been easier.  I just wish the navigational tree would put the dates on there.  I started concentrating on the direct line to see how much of the tree I could get filled in.  I got to an area with a lot of branches without a whole lot of leaves tonight!  I did find as far back as a Great(x13) Grandfather....but I don't have a name on him yet.  Just his birth year.  So I should probably say that I found back to Great(x12) Grandparents to be more realistic.

I did go back and print a few charts through the navigational chart.  I figure I can look up the dates for the ones that I see that I need right away to find the next blank unknown name.  Anything to keep from burying myself in the monster taped together paper chart!  I do wish they had the option of a print-to-page option on the charts....but I keep reminding myself...the software was free!

A future project is definitely figuring out a way to make a huge chart that I can add to as I go along.  Who Do You Think You Are made that so easy for Ashley Judd tonight too (even though it was only a small part of her tree.)

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