Genealogy Journey - Genealogy Journey
Genealogy Journey
I'm still looking through my father's side of the family.  I wasn't intending on doing any today but I got sucked in.  I've found that a Great(x4) Grandfather was a long-time member of the House of Representatives and another relative was a US Senator for Tennessee (how ironic?).   I was at least able to return to Find-A-Grave to find some of them. 

I still have a LOT of blanks on the way up.  I'm trying to work around this software to find out the minimal waste of paper and ink while still making it easier on myself to navigate through.  I got further back today than I ever have getting into the early 1600's.  I'll post more details when I'm able to figure out exactly what I've got.  Today has been really encouraging to keep going though. 

At least maybe it won't be as hard for me to start drudging through the census reports again!  The tediousness of it at least gives cause for excitement when I actually find a match!

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